Tik Tok: 5 reasons enjoy the social network

In the midst of so many applications that are released daily, it can be a little difficult to stand out and rank among the most downloaded. However, this was no problem for tiktok likes, which in a short time is competing with giants like Instagram and Facebook. This is because it has a free and easy to use platform, becoming famous among the applications that are used for fun.

Were you interested to know why he is being so downloaded and loved? Then keep reading this post to get to know and see its features. Let’s go!

What’s TikTok?

One of its greatest differentials is the use of artificial intelligence to analyze the user’s interests and preferences through their interactions with the content, displaying a personalized content feed for each user.

Where TikTok came from

Although it had a big download boom in a short time of release, TikTok didn’t start from scratch like most applications.

The conquest of the world market

As it was created by an Asian company, its largest audience is located in China and India. Nevertheless, with its growing popularity, it has not been difficult to reach users from all over the world and to arouse great interest. Today, the application has an office in Shanghai, China and Silicon Valley, USA, attracting employees even from Facebook.

Know 5 reasons to use the application

As the application is new and still little used in Brazil, you may not know the benefits of using this social network. Therefore, it is interesting to remember that its use is viral, which makes it a great opportunity for several things.

Here are some reasons to download and use TikTok right now:

1. Make money

Nowadays it is common for people to look for alternatives on how to make money at home, which has given rise to several options, mainly online, and with TikTok it was no different.

This is because if you have a large number of followers in the application, after posting a video, it is possible for your “fans” to make real money donations. Besides that, you can also receive proposals from companies that want to partner to promote products and brands.

2. High number of downloads

Initially ByteDance wanted the application to have 500 million really active users and now the number of downloads is over 1 billion. In other words, you can imagine that the number of active users has probably already reached (or even exceeded) the 500 million mark. So, it’s a social network right at the beginning and quite busy, which may increase its chances of standing out and get many followers.

3. Highly segmented audience

If your idea is to invest in videos of a certain subject, first research if it fits the tastes of those who consume the content of the application. That’s because TikTok has two more segmented audiences, being them young from 16 to 24 years and adults from 24 to 30 years. So, if your content is directed to one of these two audiences, your success on the social network is certain!

4. Safety first

Before reaching the worldwide audience, the application had the opportunity to correct errors and go through testing while still being more focused on the western market. That’s why some security measures were developed that protect users through specific filters. This guarantees the privacy of the data you have in your profile and even if you want to leave your private posts only to whom you want to see, avoiding harassment, for example.

5. Marketing of influencers

What is extremely high today are the digital influencers, people who are constantly producing diverse content on various social networks. No wonder they are able to reach a very large number of followers who become enchanted and have their behavior and attitudes influenced by them.

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