Entertainment Lovers

How can you have fun? At home, in company, outdoors. When all the attractions, water parks, cinemas, clubs and other favorite places in the city are passed, it becomes impossible to get bored and the question “how to have fun?” gloomy hanging in the air.

Maybe we should look for a special “community of entertainment”, where in a coherent one idea team to come up with something mind boggling? Before we do that, let’s answer these questions: Why do we like entertainment so much and what does it give us in life?

The entertainment community is a fashion movement in today’s urban subculture. People of different ages and professions are united in such commonwealths on narrow specialization of entertainments, for example, extreme, sports, adventures at night, everything that is connected with fear.

Of course, the community of entertainment is a cool collective pastime for those who are constantly bored and looking for an opportunity, as if to have fun. But there’s a little problem with them it’s a direct way to a big and fat dead end of a lifetime.

An amusement community is a trip to nowhere

Anyone who’s had fun at least once in their life knows how nice it is. Everyone has their own, as they say, but at the same time in today’s world everyone can find something that suits them. One high from a steep waterslide descent? Another one from a scary ride? Some people really enjoy catharsis in the theatre, while others enjoy a “chef” dish.

French restaurant? Are there any girls who feel an unseen boost in the beauty salon, when they do their hair styling, what to say about the moment when they dance to their favorite hit in a cool club?

But fans of computer games find pleasure in another hands and bladder pain, they cut online in the cult shooter and oh miracle, finally in 5 hours they make a winning shot and go to the next level. Every entertainment has its own moment when it is very pleasant, fun, good, in a word you feel happiness.

But how hard it is to get back to your everyday life after the fun. On the way home from a water park or a club, you can barely pull your legs. After the theater or a movie most of all you want to relax, lie down, and even better – to sleep and get up the next day. After a long computer game, even a full dinner is hard to do so, pushing a piece of bread and sausage and stretch either relax or play again.

You can always trace a pattern. After every entertainment, after the euphoria, there comes a moment of desolation, longing, joylessness. You don’t want to do anything and energy appears only when there is a repetition of entertainment on the horizon, which brought a moment of happiness.

By joining a diverse community of amusement lovers, we seek to enhance our feelings of happiness and joy in the moment of its receipt.

And yes, we do. But at the same time, we increase the devastation, lack of enthusiasm and desire to work, black depression and mortal boredom that comes in the place of entertainment. It is the constant search for something else to entertain that pushes us into a vicious circle, where we stumble upon an increase in deficiencies.

What kind of fun? Ask yourself, why do you rest?

Rest in general, of course, is a good thing. But it is invented (attention!) only as a break between important things, so that the body rested from work, gained strength for new achievements. This is the only rest function, not one iota more. No pleasure from rest was originally intended.

In norm, joy, happiness comes to a person only from realization of oneself for society, society, for close people, i.e. from work and giving back. A person who adores his work, it is impossible to push a loving mother on vacation, loving mother should not even try to persuade to leave your baby at least 2 hours to go to the movies and have fun for yourself.

Realization for others, for example, for their own children or in work for society, brings happiness and in potential it is infinite, because it hides in itself an infinite joy that can increase and increase, literally as long as the strength is enough. Therefore, at our favorite work we do not feel fatigue, well, just a little, but it passes after a short pause, rational rest.

The situation with entertainment is different: it is the realization of desire in ourselves, each time we want more and more, but our body is limited, and therefore the possibility of obtaining joy is not infinite. We receive joy from entertainment and naturally want more, but more simply is not. The more you want to have fun, the more you go into the mud of despair, because more and more we want and less we can achieve. And then we suffer.

There is no more stalemate in the world than the one in which a person who is always looking for a place to have fun. There is nothing wrong with going on vacation after a year of work, and on vacation to go to a water park with children, celebrate a birthday in a restaurant and visit the theater. It’s good and it’s right, but life isn’t just for fun. Going after them, joining them in the water park.

If you’re looking for an entertainment community, look for a better way to change your life.

The community of people is really amazing. The collective mind is capable of doing miracles. When we unite our individual desires in a single urge to find a solution, we are able to discover great things. Mobile phones and tablets, space travel, robotics and nanotechnology – all created by realised people united in communities.

The obsessive desire to have fun, to kill time is a bright signal for a person that there is not enough happiness in life, I do not really realize it, I do not breathe with my chest. You can’t blame yourself or your parents, your husband or wife, your boss or the government. There are no culprits today the world is too complicated, it is filled with a huge number of stereotypes and guidelines that bring us down, replace notions, break dreams.