Five Bodybuilding Diet Essentials

When it comes to bodybuilding, diet plays a vital role in making or breaking it. You may have a rigorous workout regime, which you stick to religiously, however, if you are not consuming a protein rich diet, you will not get the physique of your dreams. There are a few essential foods that you must consume to make the process worth while.

Five Essential Muscle Building Foods

When you are trying to gain muscle, you need to have a body that is conducive to gaining mass, which simply means you need to have a protein rich diet for your body to work with. Egg whites are one of the most protein rich foods in the world and also why successful bodybuilders never exclude it from their diets. The protein to fat ratio is 60:1, which makes egg whites your number one bodybuilding essential. Aside from this obvious benefit, they are readily processed by the body and contain valuable vitamins and minerals.

Chicken and turkey are considered lean meats and are essential for bodybuilding. It contains high quality protein and very little trans and saturated fats.

Every bodybuilder will tell you that the essential point is to stay away from fat, however there is one exception to this rule, which is fish. It contains good fatty acids that your body needs, as it supports the muscle building process. Salmon, trout, sardines and tuna are all excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

The first thing that comes to mind when people describe a diet rich in bodybuilding foods, is lean meat. However, foods that are often overlooked are beans and legumes. Aside from being good for the body, they are protein and fiber rich. Fiber is necessary for healthy and regular bowel movements as well as proper insulin response. Both of these functions are essential to absorbing nutrients and supplements ingested by the body. Most beans are a good source of protein, however, the most popular ones are kidney beans, lima and navy beans.

Lean red meat is rich is protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins. If you are serious about gaining mass quickly, this is an excellent source due to its high ratio of calories per serving. The disadvantage is that red meats contain a high level of saturated fats. So it is recommended that you do not consume it on a daily basis, but rather try and work it in to your normal weekly diet, alternating between the chicken, fish, beans and turkey.

If you are serious about doing this right the first time, consume the right types of food. Eating all types of fattening food just to gain mass, will pack on the pounds for sure, but you won’t end up with that ripped physique unless you eat the foods mentioned above.