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Entertainment has different measures and can be personal/private or more general as well as social forms of home entertainment. When we play with friends, it is an individual form of home entertainment, just like when we sit and watch a movie on screen, it is a much more general form of entertainment as we share our experiences with many others.

There are some differences in our perception of types of personal as well as public entertainment, as individual entertainment will always be based on individual experiences, our individual view of the world, and will certainly be determined by personal communication.

Even more general and public forms of home entertainment are less interactive, and this fundamental contradiction seems to exist as all individual forms of entertainment are much more interactive, just as public forms of home entertainment are much more personal and private.

This situation changes with the advent of television programs that increase audience participation, but models of communication between entertainers as well as viewers in any public entertainment environment remain within strict limits and boundaries.

Entertainment takes us to another world and feeds our need for imagination and retreat from real life. This is especially true for home entertainment, which is additional public entertainment or offered by the media, as well as for home entertainment provided by films, theatre, music and all kinds of innovative art.

Films and theater take us into the fantasy world and focus on us so that we continue to be absorbed as a virtual part of this other reality. Fun can be as much in the form of magazine stories as gossip or even celebrity society, just as the psychology of pleasure can shed light on the severe madness of celebrity society that we have on today’s globe.

Celebrities seem to open up a world of fantasy, and for some people who recognize every celebrity movement can bring great satisfaction, as it would practically mean participation in dreams. Dreams help overcome frustration and serve as a restorative tool, as they help eliminate facts from life.

Real feelings and reality are complex, and fun helps us overcome the real world, as well as anxious moments to participate in fantasies that are soothing, because we do not need to be directly involved in these fantasies, and as spectators, we can still join them implicitly or easily.

Participating in any publication, film or creative creation is almost like sitting in a folding chair, which has the innovation to soothe the muscles while you relax. In the case of entertainment, we participate almost easily, and even though we are extremely vigilant and cheerful in the process of enjoying a movie, entertainment gives us the impression that we are not participating because we do not have the opportunity to voluntarily get involved.

Anything that gives us some satisfaction can be considered entertainment, although home entertainment can also give us discomfort, such as when we cry, interacting mentally with the characters while watching a movie.

Entertainment can cause emotional involvement and emotional reactions such as happiness, sadness, stress and anxiety, fear, and despite this strong emotional involvement, little or no physical exercise by the visitor is required.

This active and passive process is the lifeblood of entertainment, as entertainment allows us to be both energetic (in terms of feelings) and passive (in terms of voluntary physical or psychological involvement). Entertainment media, such as movies, have an influence, but they do influence subtly rather than boldly, and this sophisticated influence seems to work much better on the human mind than any aggressive form of influence.

We see work as an obligation, as well as home entertainment as satisfaction, although both are associated with some psychological involvement. At the same time, work requires voluntary participation, decision-making and physical involvement along with emotional involvement.

However, why is work perceived as hard, as well as pleasure as relaxation approaches? The answer is unpredictable. In the case of pleasure, in many cases we do not even understand what can be obtained from a film or video. This unpredictability makes us interested because we don’t know what to do with it.