Bed Buying Guide: Find The Right Bed

We spend a very large part of our lives in bed. Restful sleep is the basis for our well-being and also for our health. With the wrong bed or an unsuitable mattress, back pain is pre-programmed, which can lead to permanent damage to the spine.

This makes it all the more important to take the time to find the right bed when buying a bed. In our bed buying guide you will find many tips for buying the right bed.


Mattresses should be changed after seven to ten years at the latest, and after ten to fifteen years it is worth thinking about a new bed.

If sleep is no longer restful, buying a bed can be considered earlier. Before you rush into the furniture store, you should make a list of your requirements in advance.


The size of the bed depends primarily on the size of the bedroom, after all, with a double bed there should be room to get up comfortably on the right and left.

For a single bed, the minimum size should be 90 centimetres and in the best case 1.40 metres wide. So that two people can lie down comfortably, the optimum bed width for a double bed is at least 1.60 to 1.80 metres.

If the bedroom is very large, a two-metre wide bed can certainly be considered, as the additional width offers even more room for peaceful sleep.

Beds are usually two metres long, but it is advisable if very tall people are thinking about a longer bed. After all, the feet should not hang out of the bed permanently.

In the case of a double bed, you must also consider whether a large mattress or two single mattresses can be used. If one person sleeps rather restlessly, two mattresses are useful so that the second person is not disturbed while sleeping.

In addition to width and length, height is another criterion for buying a bed. For older people, higher beds make it much easier to get in and out of bed – this purchase criterion is much less important for younger people.


Box spring beds

Box spring beds have become the most popular bed system in recent years.

Especially people with back problems, elderly people who always have the problem of why can’t I fall asleep appreciate the high lying comfort and the easy entry and exit, which is due to the height of the box spring beds. Which also allow them to fall asleep easily.

Box spring beds consist of a box spring, which forms the base mattress and the frame of the bed, a usually very thick mattress and an additional topper. With box spring beds, the slatted frame is not required – it is replaced by the box spring.

Solid wood beds

A solid wood bed is an investment for many years, which additionally improves the indoor climate and humidity in the room.

Solid wood beds can be custom-made to suit individual needs and are a very good alternative to box spring and upholstered beds for allergy sufferers, where house dust mites feel more comfortable.

The wood of the Swiss stone pine is often used for solid wood beds because it has a positive influence on the quality of sleep, smells very good and is also convincing in terms of color.

In addition to Swiss stone pine wood, oak, cherry, beech or walnut wood are also used for solid wood beds, whereby many other types of wood are also suitable for a solid wood bed.

Futon beds

The minimalist futon beds are based on the Japanese sleeping style, where only one futon is rolled out on a mat on the floor. The low beds often take up less space than conventional beds and are reduced to the essential, namely a restful sleep.

The futon beds are a perfect fit when the furnishing style is rather extravagant and minimalist.

Metal beds

Metal beds are suitable for a straightforward, unadorned furnishing style and are probably the best choice for allergy sufferers when buying a bed. In addition, metal beds score points with their durability and they require almost no care.

Upholstered beds

In an upholstered bed, the bed frame and headboard are upholstered and covered. Preferably different fabrics, imitation leather and real leather are used. Upholstered beds are timeless and due to the variety of models there is a suitable design for every furnishing style.

We recommend that you allow sufficient time to purchase a bed and to test the different bed systems and mattresses, because after all, you will spend an estimated eight hours a day in your new bed – and that for the next few years.

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