Who still listens to the radio?

Seriously, please, someone, anyone, raise your hand; let the person who willingly and personally turns on the radio in your home preferring it to spotify streaming music, to YouTube, to do anything on the computer, to watch TV, let the person who takes their portable radio to listen to music or listen to news or news programs.

When they are running or exercising, cooking, reading or whatever, to do any activity listening to the radio, versus doing anything; please let that person raise their hand, to get me out of my mistake, or maybe it’s arrogance to believe that no one turns on the radio for fun anymore.

And in this there are many clarifications to be made, well, in this question of Who keeps listening to the radio, I know, when one is in the car, for lack of a better recreational activity, one usually listens to the radio.

But come on, being in the car or at work, it doesn’t count for much when it comes to listening to the radio; because point one, in the car you have no choice but to listen to music and sometimes if you don’t bring your iPod or some music player or some CD, well, the easiest thing for those horrible moments when you get stuck in traffic for 40 minutes; well, the only thing that makes that horrible time bearable, well, it’s the radio and its music.

Although it is not necessary to forget that the radio, is the only thing that can be done or better said to listen when these in the car way to your house, school or work, or in format your car or that you go in the microphone.

Which, by the way, can be a real hell to listen to the radio when you go on public transport, because the percentage of luck you need to listen to a station or music you like, is as high as wanting to hit the jackpot in the lottery.

Because normally when you get on the truck, trolley, bus, weighbridge or whatever you want to call it or whatever your transport is, you’ll probably end up listening to music that will only make you want to cover your ears and look for your music player everywhere, even if you don’t have one, at that moment you’ll want it.

And now even in the subway, you can go listening to music, which well, is not as bad as listening to the music of the trucks, or what about when you get on and are listening to band, charangas or the good k, with one of its drivers, who only have very obvious comments, very silly and very no joke of life.

Come to think of it, the elevator music you hear in the subway is not so bad, compared to the other things you hear in the other forms of public transportation.

Well, I guess radio will still be heard and will have validity and validity in the underground world of public transport, where anything, literally anything can happen.

Just like in your job, which is where you get screwed and if because of the unknown dimension you start listening to the radio in the corridors, you don’t have much to do, other than put on your headphones and listen to the music on your computer, your smartphone or your music player, everything as long as you don’t listen to the radio and its infamous announcers who know nothing about what they are saying, their endless commercials.

Because those terrible things, awful announcers and 3 hour commercials, are inherent to radio; I suppose those two annoying things condemned radio to oblivion; and now they are only tuned in to cars, because there is nothing else you can do and traffic reporting at those times is vital.

Now think about music, it’s done differently, and you load in your cell phone, in your music player the songs you like and that’s it; or better yet, you bring with you something like spotify, which works better than a radio station to listen to the music you like or find new ones.

And if you are thinking that what you like are the comments or announcers, but good announcers, well now, there are podcasts for everything that you download and hear them; what’s more, now there are new ways to listen to the radio online, because everything evolves.