Entertainment at hand. The best free phone games

The boom for mobile gaming is going on and there’s no sign of it ending. Mobile gaming is a huge part of the whole market after all, practically everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.

We all like to reach for simple mobile positions – after all, it’s the perfect way to kill time and make the bus ride or the queue in the waiting room more enjoyable. We are more and more willing to play mobile games, which does not mean that we want to allocate large amounts of money to them.

Many producers are tempted by free productions, often referring to popular series. It is worth remembering, however, that completely free titles happen really rarely. When looking for free smartphone games, we have to be prepared for all sorts of compromises, such as ads displayed during play.

We also often encounter additional purchases in the application, which will allow us, for example, to invest in accessories or directly influence the time and course of the game. In some games pay to win procedures are used – after some time, winning without additional costs becomes very difficult, if not practically impossible.

Games for mobile devices

Mobile games are very much in vogue what has been incredibly successful on computers or consoles is most likely to be released on the phone over time. The latest great trend among players are various productions of the Battle Royale genre, such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In this type of shootout, as many as one hundred players are fighting on a common map, and the winner can only be one.

This is a real treat for fans – each of the titles looks great in the mobile version and provides as much excitement as their counterparts on PC and consoles. All you need is a good internet connection and you can easily try your hand at a duel on your phone.

The card fashion of a few years ago did not bypass the mobile market. No wonder graphically undemanding productions based primarily on the strategic use of the waist seem to be even created for quick duels on the touch screen. The undisputed king of this genre is still Hearthstone from Blizzard brand. The title remains free to play, although it is worth remembering that with time, playing without paid decks can be difficult.

Mobile games on a smartphone

Of course, fashion doesn’t have to be about specific brands from the game world – along with the incredible popularity of superhero movies from Marvel and DC, smartphones have been flooded with games about the most popular characters.

For Avengers fans (and more!) we recommend MARVEL: Content of Champions. It’s a free brawl, in which our beloved heroes known from the cinema or comic book will stand in a duel. A great advantage of this production is the intuitive control, fully adapted to the requirements of the touch screen.

Currently one of the most famous free mobile games is still Pokemon Go! This title doesn’t have to be introduced to anyone – walking around and catching pocket monsters thanks to augmented reality has become a real phenomenon all over the world.

Strategy games are also very popular on the phones. The gameplay model, which has already had its heyday on computers, proved to be perfect for touchscreen and fun for 10-15 minutes. Expanding and leading your kingdom to victory is truly immersive.

Giants in the market

How to find interesting productions in a deluge of free mobile games? Many people focus primarily on specific brands, which over time become a marker of quality for them. After all, it is worth betting on proven solutions when we want to kill some time and have a bit of fun.

Electronic Arts is a real giant grove, which for several years has been investing heavily in titles for phones and tablets. Free mobile versions have already been released in such recognized series and unpretentious gameplay is perfect when playing on the run, and creating your own city or taking care of your sim’s life can be very exciting.

For younger players, free productions related to LEGO will be great. Titles referring to the world’s most famous blocks have been triumphing on consoles and computers for many years, so it’s no wonder that the Danish brand has become synonymous with the highest quality in the game world. If you play safely and wisely for your child, LEGO is always a good choice.

Simple doesn’t mean simple!

Of course, we don’t have to look only at well-known brands and the most popular series the market for free mobile games is so rich that everyone will find something for themselves. Some people aren’t looking for an elaborate gameplay or references to famous titles, but rather a simple “clicker” that will make your time more pleasant. Below are some of the less obvious proposals, which may turn out to be a real shot in the arm.

During the search, you can also reach for various types of games, which already deserve to be called classics. It is also worth to reach for applications not necessarily connected with video games at first glance, such as Sudoku, chess or classic ships. Free phone games are a real bottomless pit, and your possibilities are really gigantic. Look for new proposals, test them and above all have fun!