A shame to go to the movies alone

I like going to the movies alone and it’s no problem for me. But it turns out that it’s not that simple and obvious to everyone. Very often I meet the opinion that you go to the cinema with somebody, otherwise you will feel ‘stupid and weird”. I reject these accusations and will try to bring you a little closer to my point of view.

Living with passion

I’m starting from a few assumptions. First of all, whether you have someone to share your passions with or not, you must nurture them and fight for them. It may turn out that your promising relationship will not survive, and your passions will be with you forever. It will be something you can always come back to. When you’re single, you have a lot of time that you can use to the full for yourself, and you’re not dependent on anyone. So why not go to the movies?

A common passion connects people and motivates each other, and by the way you don’t have to give up anything and you gain time. If you have different passions, there will be no drama either. Taught earlier by the fact that you can realize them yourself, you will not force anyone to do something against you. It should be noted that there is a small difference between dividing and forcing.

Of course, if you live something, you necessarily want to share it with the person closest to you, but I can’t imagine a situation in which I’m forcing my boyfriend to a screening that he doesn’t want to do at all. I go alone and everyone is happy. Soon the premiere of the next part of ’50 faces of Grey’ and this kind of action will be an everyday life – I sincerely sympathize with the guys and advise them to think seriously about their relationship.

If you have really time-consuming passions, you are either looking for someone to share them with you or you are learning to pursue them yourself. Don’t ever take this third option into account – because stupidly alone and instead of developing, you stand still.

I am very often in the cinema and sometimes I watch two films in a row. It never occurred to me that I could be a victim of ostracism. I also didn’t notice anyone looking at me strangely, and even if they do, it’s their problem. I’m not a person who cares what others say.

Others are strangers I probably met for the first and last time in my life. I’m not an ignorant person who doesn’t care what others say, but there are groups of people whose opinion shouldn’t keep you from developing and doing what you want. There is always someone who doesn’t like the fact that you have the courage and he doesn’t.

It’s sad and dangerous for yourself!

You feel like going to the cinema. Go. Unfortunately, I often hear that some people don’t go to the cinema because they have no one to go with. It’s sad to hear that you can miss out on a lot of good movies. You go to a film for yourself to bring something good into your life, make you feel better or make you think. There are many reasons, so it’s not worth giving them up. You’ll be surprised how many people go to the screenings alone!

I’m also not entirely convinced that company during a screening is always a better option than going out alone. Getting out with a chatterbox that keeps getting in the way?

Friends who are whining because they would like to get out of the show (once you’ve made up your mind which film you’re going to watch? The best choice has always been my girlfriends, but let’s make an agreement that it’s already making a social outing, which requires interaction and more time.

I’m always afraid and I experience when I take someone with me to the movies. When a great hit turns out to be a good piece of crap, you don’t have to feel stupid and have others on your conscience. I’m not responsible for the film, but I’d prefer to get a good shot at the repertoire.

After a long research on the Internet, I’m very surprised that somebody is arguing about the danger. I never thought I could feel threatened in the cinema to some extent. The crowd of staff, cameras and the rest of the audience makes such things unlikely to come to mind. Nor have I ever had an unpleasant situation and I don’t recall any of my colleagues having similar experiences. More danger awaits me on my way home from the cinema late at night.

Ladies Night

The last issue I would like to raise is the film screenings addressed solely to the ladies. Multiplexes and studio cinemas often organize such events, interspersed with cosmetic competitions and advice. Perhaps the idea itself is not such a bad one – a women’s way out to the cinema. Although cinema should promote the view that going to the cinema alone is no shame (and just think how ticket sales could increase!).

And here, however, they propose another herd going out for a romantic comedy or a totally tacky tear squeezer. The choice of repertoire is fatal and very stereotypical. In general, dividing the cinema by gender is totally senseless.

The feminine is emotional and often very stupid. After all, women do not watch the cinema reserved for men. And if you do, you wouldn’t be able to do that. If they change their attitude, maybe one day I’ll go. For the time being I’m avoiding such actions with a wide arch, because it only confirms some parochial thinking.